What on Earth is Story?


Story is a human activity you are involved in every day of your life.

Story is a container that holds our humanness, our longings, hopes, and fears.

Story is the sharing of our spirit through spoken word to the spirit of another person.

Personal stories ground us.

Story gives us a sense of purpose, identity and continuity between past and present.

Stories make life coherent; they can give us a sense of who we are and where we came from.

Stories can help shape our view of the future, and helps us make decisions about that future.

Stories help us question life, like holding up a mirror for self-reflection.

Stories are not always factual, but they do contain human truth. Facts are what happen; truths are about what those events meant to people. Humpty Dumpty is not a factual story. It never happened, but the truths are so profound and far reaching we stand over the crib of our children, grand-children, and great-grand children and tell them about Humpty Dumpty over and over again! Do you know what those truths are?

The work of story is to convey the images in the mind of the teller to the listener. Orality is still a huge part of our daily lives even if you spend hours each day staring at your cell phone. In short, let us say storytelling is a living collaboration that involves the teller, the listener, and the story. The remote turns on the TV and turns off the mind. Story turns on the theater of the mind.

Stories change lives!