Grand Lake Storytellers & Listeners!

Who are we?

Grand Lake Storytellers is a small group of people from around the Lake O’ Cherokees who love sharing stories, and good fellowship. We are a wide variety of ages, and tell stories from myths, fairy tales, legends, tall tales, and ghost stories to personal and historical stories. We desire to gather once a month, for telling, teaching, coaching, and laughing. Please feel free to drop in and just listen, and should you desire to become a teller someday, we will help you all we can!

Where do we meet?   Contact Info:

Monthly Meeting at Grove Public Library – 1st Tuesday 7 PMCall 918-919-1490 or Email:

Get Involved with Grand Lake Storytellers!

Should I? Yes, you should! Storytelling is the most ancient form of communication and entertainment. Storytelling to this day is one of the most effective means of teaching and inspiring others. Sadly, we live in an age where eyes and ears rivet to cell phones, laptops and TVs. You owe it to yourself to come out once a month and enjoy watching and listing to a real live human being (wow!) tell you a blood curdling tale or a humorous story! Stories are powerful, touching the heart, spirit and mind of the listener. Unlike TV, stories stimulate the “theater of the mind” and create wondrous encouragement.

Do you and your family a favor, and come out to a free evening of storytelling!